Next Quick Start Tennis Session May 4th -June 29th, 2013!

Youth Ages: 5 to 10 years old
Rackets available for use.
You must be a USTA member to participate. The membership is free.

Quick Start Tennis is designed to attract Kids by adapting the equipment, court size, and Scoring. Enjoy the experience of learning to play in a Safe Environment while getting ready for league play.

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What is Quick Start Tennis?

A revolutionary way for kids under 10 to learn how to play tennis.

Smaller courts, lighter and lower bouncing balls and smaller and lighter racquets fit your child’s size. It all makes it easy and fun for them to hit play and score from the start – while developing skills that will last a lifetime.

What makes tennis fun is being able to rally a ball back and forth over a net with a partner. The sooner youngsters can rally, the sooner they can actually play the game and participate on a team. These classes are designed to give the child that is at the beginning stages of development the necessary tools to get them playing the game from their first class.

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